Pioneering Privacy-Preserving AI

Homomorphic Encryption Meets AI

Zaiku Homology is a stealth spinout company of Zaiku Group’s commercial R&D division. Our mission is to help democratise access to privacy-centric AI technologies through a novel fusion of advanced branches of pure mathematics and artificial intelligence.

We may release white papers and open-source tools in the future outlining some of the mathematical novelty used to build our platform.

Ubiquitous Cloud Computing

We believe we’re at the beginning of a new era for cloud computing. An era in which we will see cloud become fully ubiquitous and fuse with decentralized technologies. This will lead to what we coined the Homomorphic Internet.

In this new paradigm of computing, we anticipate the default posture for outsourcing computation to be a zero-trust policy for most enterprise organisations with business sensitive & proprietary data. The current cloud data security tools fall very short of enabling a seamless transition to the new paradigm. Hence, there is a huge opportunity for new data security technologies to fill the gap.

Remote-First Company

We're building a world class team of techies, including; machine learning engineers, cryptographers, pure mathematicians and cloud DevOps practitioners.

Although we don't require you to have a PhD in mathematics, we have a preference for candidates that have been exposed to advanced undergraduate level maths or graduate level topics such as; Abstract Algebra, Algebraic Topology, Functional Analysis and Measure Theory.

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